Thursday, April 15, 2010

Schedule for the next few weeks

There have been a few changes to our schedule over the next few weeks, so here's the plan!

*Tuesday, April 20. This dinner is sold out.
*Saturday, April 24. There are still seats available at this dinner, which is shaping up to be a nice international crowd with Germans, Swedes, Australians, and Americans.
*Thursday, April 29. We added a dinner for a group only in town for a short time, there are a few reservations left. This will be a "preview" dinner for the menu we will be serving on May 1.
*Saturday, May 1. This will be a special dinner with guests from San Diego, we will be serving a menu of family favorite recipes. The ceviche and chiles rellenos are not to be missed!

We are really looking forward to these upcoming dinners, now that spring is here we're so excited to have all these great local ingredients to work with! To make a reservation e-mail

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